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On an annual basis the PSS team deliver SBG with a comprehensive cost package for all their technical and logistical requirements for over 100 events throughout the year. Each roadshow lasts for an intensive 5 weeks with 3-4 events each week, and therefore the set and equipment has to be made and transported with durability and flexibility to be able to suite many different types of event space.

In all sessions a MI (Management Information) system is used, with voting handsets programmed for that individual event, the results of which are collated by the PSS staff to then be sent straight to the SBG team by return. In addition to the production of the event, PSS supply all the branding and PowerPoint support and design when needed.

In addition to the regular roadshows that run throughout the year, Sesame Bankhall Group introduced 9 prestigious events at various high caliber venues throughout the UK, including Lough Erne, the Royal Yacht Britannia and Mercedes Benz World.





Various UK Venues




Throughout the year


“Fantastic Team!! SBG would strongly recommend using Production Support Services for ALL production requirements, they are extremely professional, incredible flexible and a fantastic team to work with. We have done well over 150 events with PSS and we have never experienced any technical problems – try them, you will not be disappointed.”

– Sesame Events Manager

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