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After years of building a reputation for excellence in the industry, our Managing Director Chris took a leap and started up at his home in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Growing quickly, PSS began taking on clients and units that enabled us to build a collection of kit that was top quality and a team that, over the years, has become family.

The industry has grown so much over the years and Chris has always maintained our equipment, keeping up with new advances and always keeping working with cutting edge technology and ensuring staff are trained to the highest standard.

Chris’s work to keep researching to keep our kit ahead of the curve and enable the team to provide the best outcomes has meant that our relationships with customers have been sustained over the years and our reputation has taken us to world class venues. From financial clients for events to roadshows and large events, we are proud to still be working with them and evolving into virtual events as the world adapts to the changing industry.


Our team provides you with years of experience and they truly are experts in their field.

Nigel, our Events Director, brings years of experience and is trustworthy and reliable; liaising with clients and providing outstanding customer service as a key client contact. James has a Practical focus and excels in the technical aspects of his role as Senior Production Manager. James oversees every element of every event, providing floor plans for the other members of the team. Literally cherry picked, James works with clients to find out exactly what they need, then assigns the roles to the perfect members of the team to fulfil their requirements.

Connor is our expert in 3D Graphic, Vector Works and CAD. Taking care of floor plans, planning lighting and staging, rigging points and all technical aspects of design, Connor use his skills to provide our clients with visuals to support the execution of the vision including Exhibition stand organisation 3D renders of the final outcome.

Back at PSS HQ, our Financial Director, Amy Matthews, takes care of any piece of paper that comes through the office. Taking care of everyone from our base in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Amy enjoys a good cuppa in the warmth of the office while she runs the company’s finances.

Out on the road, our technical engineers are vital to the success of our customers.

Our Audio Visual Technicians Luke, Dylan and Jon to apply their vast range of skills to our events. Whether this is video, sound and lighting for shows, they prepare, load and operate the visual and audio elements of team building days, exhibitions, conferences, festivals and meetings.

Dedicated from the moment of planning to the project’s completion, you will find our team loves what they do. They come from backgrounds that include musicians and performers, with a true passion for performance, live events and high-quality production support services.

Our team loves the industry, are rewarded by the energy and dedication we experience from our clients and will always go above and beyond to turn the vision for your event into a reality.

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